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Couples Therapy
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Behavioural Couple Therapy

Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) is an evidence-based psychological treatment with empirical support for reducing couple distress and in improving specific psychological disorders, such as depression. BCT is distinct from, but complements, individual CBT using a range of methods to enhance relationship well-being as well as reduce individual psychological distress.

BCT will aim to specifically improve the overall quality of your relationship; as poor relationship quality has proven to be a precipitating factor in depression. BCT can be offered over 8-12 sessions, up to a maximum of 20 sessions, according to the needs of both individuals involved. These sessions follow a model which focusses on the relational aspects of depression: relieving stress and improving communication, managing feelings and changing behaviour, solving problems and promoting acceptance, and revising perceptions

Elder Couple

We help all sorts of people in different situations. We can support you whether you’re in a new relationship, in a long-term relationship, or not in a relationship at all.

Happy Couple

We support couples living with long term conditions and are one of the few practices in the UK offering couple therapy for those with neurological conditions. Contact us now for more information.

Family Therapy

We support families with improved communication secondary to difficulties their relationships. Some of the issues or situations at which a family could benefit from family therapy are listed bellow.


  • Promoting parenting skills and communication among family members.

  • Relationship difficulties.

  • Health problems, and particularly chronic physical illnesses. 

  • Psychosomatic problems. 

  • Adult mental health. 

  • Psychosexual difficulties. 

  • Anxiety and Depression.

  • Low Self-esteem.

  • Marital problems including lack of communication, separation and divorce.

  • Traumatic experiences, loss and bereavement. 

Group Therapy