Plans and Pricing

  • Standard Plan

    Every week
    Individual Therapy-weekly session
    • Block Plan

      Every week
      Individual Therapy-Block booking
      Valid for 6 weeks
      • £5 off original price per week
    • Master Plan

      Every week
      Individual Therapy with a Senior Psychologist
      • Duo Assessment Plan

        Every week
        Perfect for exploring if couple therapy is right for you
        Valid for 2 weeks
        • Covid discount of 10%
        • Assessment by Senior psychologist
      • Duo Therapy Plan

        Every week
        Couple Therapy sessions with Senior Psychologist
        • 10% Covid discount
      • Affordable Plan

        Every week
        Individual therapy with Trainee
        • High quality input at affordable rates
      • Affordable Plan*6

        Every week
        Block booking for individual therapy sessions with Trainee
        Valid for 6 weeks
        • High quality input at affordable rates
        • 7% discount
      • Family Consult Plan

        Full assessment -90 minutes
        Valid for one week
        • Ideas about what might be helpful for you as a family
      • Family Therapy Plan

        Every week
        60 minute session

         For details about Medico legal work, Post and Pre-settlement work, Neuropsychology, Consultancy and Supervision-please contact us.